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If you are anything like us, you will be Magpie when it comes to pretty, bright, festive lights. Transform a room with simple home decor and add an extra dimension with some LED String lights. In a range of colours and designs our quality festive lights will last and last. From pink to lavender to red or gold you will be sure to find some lights to suit your colour scheme. The lit length is a good 2 metres long and they look stunning hung around the tops of the doors, around the windows or placed inside a pretty glass bowl for a special Christmas day table centre-piece.

Being battery operated, with our lights, you have no worries about trailing cables, or looking for the closest socket, you can place your lights anywhere in your home. When lit, the lights create a lovely glow and a cosy atmosphere on a cold Christmas evening. As well as string lights, we also supply some gorgeous Twinkler Projector Lamps, the perfect gift idea for yourself or a special someone. They project a stunning light show around your room and are brilliant value! We love all things Christmas, we really are your 1 Stop Christmas Shop for a wide range of quality goods that don’t break the bank. Be sure to have a browse around every nook and cranny of our website – especially if like us, you love Xmas time! We are waiting to help you to transform your home into a festive, yuletide wonderland – we love it!